GoFood x Jakarta Culinary Feastival 2019

December 19, 2019

GoFood x Jakarta Culinary Feastival 2019 was held at Senayan City, on 4th – 6th October 2019. The objective is to provide a joyful experience, in celebrating food, from the region’s most loved restaurant concepts and establishments. Bringing them all at once, so the audience can enjoy the best of the best, in one place.

This year, #JCF2019 is held with the “In Bloom” theme. It is all about elevating the culinary experience to something unimaginable, with 2 areas, Spoon & Fork Area. Each area consist of different experience.

The Spoon is one where you can enjoy a plethora of cuisines, talk shows, cooking demo and performances. In the Fork area, you are about to have a journey throughout various delicacies, where you can visit the shrines, win a lot of prizes and enjoy some coffee and desserts.
It was truly an enjoyable Feastival!

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