All New BMW 3 series

All New BMW 3 series

As one of their flagship for BMW Indonesia is launching the new 3 series.

This all new 3 series is marked with the F30 launch.
To create awareness on the launch we created a pop up display in the heart of Jakarta. This pop up show room are located in Senayan Stadium.

You can not only see the new BMW 3 series but try all aspect about the car.

Visitors that came to see the display will be indulge with foods and entertainment. A special lounge is created for consumers during the transaction for the new 3 series on the 2nd floor.

We also had the area for the kids with guardian angels so the parent can be concentrating exploring the new BMW 3 series in many ways

A long side the pop up show room we created to give temporary test drive location when you can try the acceleration of the new engine, the braking system, even tested out the body rolls of this new 3 series in the test drive area.


Jakarta, Indonesia

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