GoFood x Jakarta Culinary Festival 2019

GoFood x Jakarta Culinary Festival 2019

This year, #JCF2019 is held with the “In Bloom” theme.

It is all about elevating the culinary experience to something unimaginable, with 2 areas, Spoon & Fork Area. Each area consist of different experience.

Bringing them all at once, so the audience can enjoy the best of the best, in one place.

GoFood x Jakarta Culinary Feastival 2019 was held at Senayan City, on 4th - 6th October 2019. The objective is to provide a joyful experience, in celebrating food, from the region’s most loved restaurant concepts and establishments.

The Spoon is one where you can enjoy a plethora of cuisines, talk shows, cooking demo and performances. In the Fork area, you are about to have a journey throughout various delicacies, where you can visit the shrines, win a lot of prizes and enjoy some coffee and desserts.
It was truly an enjoyable Festival!


Jakarta, Indonesia

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