Hutchinson 3 NTL 3030 project

Hutchinson 3 NTL 3030 project

In 2012 the quest for Hutchinson 3 Indonesia is to introduce their spectrum as the most supreme provider in data connectivity in Indonesia.

The launch of this new technology will be boost around Indonesia with a spectacular roadshow in 33 cities spread around the countries. The roadshow is the story telling about how the technology that 3 offer can change the paradigm on consumers on using their smartphones, This road show took 16 month to complete for 33 cities and the preparation for the roadshow spent more than 8 months to prepared.

The audience is craving for more on every city we came. more than 15.000 people attended the event in each city we came. 2 massive set of this show visiting 33 cities during the project. The result shown great result on data usage for Hutchinson 3 during and after the program finished.


Jakarta, Indonesia

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